Greeting cards in most stores in the UK are too vanilla. They play it safe and have absolutely no potential to ruffle any feathers or get any reactions aside from “aww.” This would be okay if all your friends were grandmas. However, what about people who like offensive jokes and rude banter? What about people who have gotten sick of generic greeting cards and want something that will have them slapping their knees and laughing aloud?

This is where Cardshit comes in. Say goodbye to boring old greeting cards. Check out our fabulous range of gay cards in all the colors of the rainbow.

Wish your chums a “Happy Birth Gay,” or congratulate someone with our “Hip Hip Hooray You’re Fabulously Gay” card. If you send it to a gay friend, they might laugh. If you send it to a straight person with a sense of humor, you can get a chuckle. Good luck if your recipients turn out to be of the “politically correct” sort.

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